Freedom Bar represents a lot more than just healthy eating - It's a way of life.


Hello, my name is Saul, and I am the founder of Freedom Bar. When I was 16, I suffered from IBD. Although there were many different options how to deal with it, the traditional and conventional treatments were not appealing to me, and I wanted to find an alternative route. After doing some research and trying to find something that best fit my needs, I found a specific diet, which I followed carefully for 10 years. Being on this diet required me to prepare all my food at home, and kept me on a stable and healthy track. Given that most foods have starches, grains, added sugar, or other ingredients that did not work well with my diet, it was very difficult to stay disciplined with my dietary needs while doing normal, everyday activities like grocery shopping, family outings, going out to eat, or anything else that people might do on a daily basis. Finding generic healthy foods on the market was also a struggle, since the majority of the time, taste was compromised for healthy eating.


After struggling to find something adequate for some time, I came to the realization that most foods did not fit my dietary needs. I decided to start making my own food which people who are interested in a  natural diet, are able to eat. I wanted to help other people who are health conscious enjoy what they eat, without having to compromise on taste. This is when I thought of, and started formulating Freedom Bar.


The most important aspect in formulating Freedom Bar was to keep the bars all natural. All our bars are GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE, NON-GMO, VEGAN, NO ADDED SUGAR and KOSHER. They each have as little as 4-5 ingredients all of which we all know and recognize. What's great about Freedom Bar is how 'freeing' they are for everyone. The bar has been adapted to not only fit those with strict dietary needs, but in addition it is something that those who choose a healthy lifestyle can enjoy and love too! I feel confident knowing that our bars can provide people with healthy and delicious options in their diet, without feeling restricted.


I hope to share my passion of healthy and natural living by bringing these delicious Freedom Bars to you!

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